Sunday, May 4, 2014

The "S" words!!!

The "S" words ill be talking about in this lovely post are: Supplements and Saturated fats!!!

 I was asked the other day at work what the tricks are that I use or what type of diet pills I take to continue to be successful over the last few months. Well, here’s the big secret…. I don’t! I personally hate allowing chemicals in my body. It’s pulling teeth to get me to take antibiotics or any other chemically based medication/supplements. Of course, she was shocked but I was more than willing to share with her what I have been doing to continue to be successful.

What I take:
Omega’s (more information listed below)
A daily women’s vitamin (also listed below)
Protein powder drink mix

(Listed below explains why I take what I take)

Facts on Fish Oil
  1. Fish oil fights fats
  2. Fish oil makes you anabolic (muscle growth)
  3. Fish oil lifts strength
  4. Fish oil reduces inflammation
  5. Fish oil improves Mood

Look for fish oil with:
  • EPA (Eicosapentaehoic Acid)
    • Helps with human diet
    • Fish do not have EPA but obtain this from algae they consume
    • Lowers inflammation 

  • DHA (docosahexaenoic Acid)
    • Helps brain, skin, and eyes 
    • Cold water oceanic fish oils are rich in DHA
    • Most abundance omega- 3 fatty acid helps the brain and retina. 
Fish oil pills can be found almost at any store anymore! You will want to make sure that you are getting  the correct dosage amount along with also having EPA and DHA provided in the supplement. Many people prefer the burp free and/or they will take the supplement at night in case this issue occurs!

Daily Women’s Vitamin

It has been scientifically proven that women are physically unable to get all the levels of vitamins that they need from what we eat. Women’s body of course, works much differently then a male’s body.  For instants, women usually product more iron than men which is why women should try to get a vitamin WITHOUT iron or with a lower level. 

Vitamin A (eyes), Vitamin C (wound healing), and Vitamin E (red blood cell production): these can all be found in the foods that we eat; usually in fruits and vegetables. These particular vitamins help with the females reproductive and cell production. 

As a female, you will always want to get all of your B vitamins! These are one of the most important vitamins a female can take in. 

B Vitamins: 
Red blood cell formation, DNA reproduction, and brain functions. 

That is just your bodies way, and color of getting ride of the vitamins that we don't currently need. There are a lot of women who will take a "daily" vitamin every other day for this. In my eyes, if I have the vitamins currently in my body, I don't want to waste the money on just peeing them out :)

Protein Drinks/powder mixes
  • Always pay attention to the protein amount per serving. You don’t want a mix that is less than 18 grams of protein, your just wasting your time and your hunger level will still be there!
  • Keep in mind the sugar level that is in each serving. Yes, sugar makes some of them taste better BUT, so does adding sugar free dry pudding mix  
  • Easy way to get in more protein servings a day 

Now, i'm going to talk about the "fats" that we eat and enter our body on a daily. Yes, this is confusing in many ways and yes, most people aren't aware that there are more than one or two forms of fats that we consume. (pictures will be provided because they are easier to follow :) )

What the picture above is telling you:
Saturated fats are unhealthy along with Trans fats are also unhealthy. I know I know!!! These are the foods that taste good but, your causing yourself to fail in the long run!

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are GOOD for you :)

So, this is when paying attention to the food labels, understanding our bodies, and the correct foods to eat come in handy!

A nice little cheat sheet website to also help with the understanding is :

And this is also a list of the bad and good foods! I figure putting up actual research of studies along with articles will help people realize that what i'm saying is actually a "thing" and i'm not just making it up as I go along :)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! Remember, set yourself a goal every week and try your hardest to stick with it! It will show how determined you really are and if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it!!

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